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Looking for a great place to learn about low-carbon building design?

Well look no further.

The Carbon Architect is a bi-weekly newsletter focused on exactly that.

Helping AEC professionals design and build low-carbon buildings.

How? Here are 5 things you’ll find:

  • Sharing low-carbon materials

  • Promoting carbon heroes who are shaping the future of low-carbon design

  • Summarizing research on key topics

  • Partnering with experts to share their knowledge

  • Highlighting issues that keep us from innovating

As an architect I know what makes a difference on projects, and I want to share those insights with you.

Who is it for?

The Carbon Architect is for the carbon curious.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never thought about the topic, or have been working on low-carbon buildings for decades. There is value here for you.

It is for anyone who wants to learn and make architecture a part of the solution, not just less of the problem.

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I write to over 20k on LinkedIn about architecture, carbon, design, and everything related. I’d love to have you join along.

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Architect by day, carbon curious by night. On a mission to explore and share the concepts, strategies, and tools to reduce carbon in buildings. Of course, I'll make sure to do it with a flare for creativity and design.