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"your landlord just installed a new gas furnace in your building". Until we transition to completely green infrastructure and green energy to power the green infrastructure, minimize heating and cooling greenhouse gas emissions by going GreenBetween 13C-30C/55F-85F (no heating or cooling between 13C-30C/55F-85F, https://greenbetween.home.blog). Do it yourself and tenaciously encourage others to do the same. This applies to individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments.

Yes, this applies even if you have green heating and are using green energy. Green energy conserved can be made available on the electric grid to replace nongreen energy.

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Hi, I have been enjoying your series a lot—especially how you chunk problems so they're digestible and actionable. (I could use more of that in my writing....) On this post in particular, I'm wondering if you are aware of the forthcoming SBTi guidance for the building sector. It's the first time I've seen any group try to comprehensively tackle the scopes amid the complexities of responsibility in the built environment. I wrote a piece about the public comment draft, but the final isn't due out till October. https://www.buildinggreen.com/news-analysis/sbti-decarbonize-aec-firms-must-own-clients-buildings

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